Software solutions and products in AR

What we offer:
Thanks to our many years of experience in augmented reality and our expertise in design and measurement technology, we quickly recognize customer needs and offer them our innovative and effective software solutions. Our AR product "SuPAR TM -Mobile Inspection" is already integrated by renowned OEMs in various fields of application. This success is also due to our in-house tracking algorithm, which gives us more flexibility and more safety support in the cooperation.

What we are looking for:
- Customers
- Technolgy partner
- Cooperations

We have offers for the following V/AR fields of application:
  • Automation Technology Prototyping, HIL
  • Design, Creation, Styling
  • Documentation
  • Factory Planning
  • Logistic
  • Marketing, Sales
  • Product Development
  • Service, Maintenance, Repair
  • Training, Education
  • Usability, Ergonomie

We offer the following V/AR technologies:
  • Handhelds, Smartphones, Tablet, PCs
  • Scanner, Digitizer, 3D-Depth Camera
  • Smart Glasses
  • Tracking, Eye Tracking, Face Capture, Motion Capturing
  • Augmented-Reality (AR)-Software
  • Converter 3D-Data
  • Reverse Engineering, Meshing
  • Visual Animation, VFX, CGI, Rendering, Web3D