Object Tracking for AR-based Industrial Quality Inspection

What we offer:
VisionLib is a computer vision-based augmented reality tracking SDK for industries, which customers from around the globe – from medium-sized companies to OEMs – use to recognize and locate objects using the camera of smartphones or tablets. Through its enterprise-grade object tracking, VisionLib is a technological cornerstone to visually augment physical objects with additional digital information.

Twyn is our turnkey software solution for inspection tasks and transforms iPads and tablets into powerful tools for quality assurance. With the camera, components are registered and automatically compared with the digital twin superimposed in the image - which means that the actual status of real objects recorded by the camera can be quickly compared and checked against the CAD-specified geometry.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for new IT-customers for our core technology VisionLib, which can be used to enable a wide range of industrial AR applications that require a direct relationship between real and virtual objects or components.

On the other hand, we are looking for users in the field of industrial quality inspection who want to make an uncomplicated comparison between CAD data and manufactured components,

  • Manufacture of fabricated metal products NACE 25
  • Aerospace Industry NACE 303
  • Mechanical engineering & plant construction NACE 28

V/AR fields of application:
  • Automation Technology Prototyping, HIL
  • Product Development
  • Service, Maintenance, Repair

V/AR technologies:
  • Tracking, Eye Tracking, Face Capture, Motion Capturing
  • Augmented-Reality (AR)-Software


VisionLib – Augmented Reality Tracking SDK for Industries