Company Owner

What we offer:
We support our clients with individual software developement and consultancies in the field of 3D visualisation, VR and AR technologies. Our main branches are Industry 4.0, Building Information Modeling and Smart Cities, where we support our customers during their planning phases, worklow optimisations, virtual trainings and control room software based on state-of-the-art technologies.

Thanks to our key-values we have two main advantages: Connecting different fields of technologies and bringing them together. From integrating AI-solutions for worklow optimisations and path predictions up to the integration of real-time data from sensors and/or other metrics. Thanks to our partners in the field of R&D and industry 4.0 we can support and integrate new systems in already provided infrastructure with ease.

What we are looking for:
We are always looking for clients how has a strong interest in the field of industry 4.0, BIM and/or smart cities. We can also support you with your ideas regarding realtime 3D visualisation and simulations in all kind of other fields. Thanks to our strong knowledge in new VR/AR-technologies we can also help you with their integration in already existing environments or creation of new products.

Of course we are also interested in all kinds of networking regarding XR developement, their integration and all key products within this field. We are open to all kind of new ideas, partnerships and individual discussions.

We have offers for the following V/AR fields of application:
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Automation Technology Prototyping, HIL
  • Design, Creation, Styling
  • Factory Planning
  • Cooperation, Remote Collaboration
  • Logistic
  • Product Development
  • Service, Maintenance, Repair
  • Training, Education

We offer the following V/AR technologies:
  • Handhelds, Smartphones, Tablet, PCs
  • Input Systems & Controller
  • Head Mounted Displays (HMDs)
  • Projection, Displays, Stereo Glass, Filter, Laser
  • Computer & Graphic cards
  • Smart Glasses
  • Augmented-Reality (AR)-Software
  • Converter 3D-Data
  • Reverse Engineering, Meshing
  • Virtual-Reality-Software (immersive)
  • Visual Animation, VFX, CGI, Rendering, Web3D