Digitization of education and training with virtual reality (VR)

What we offer:
To inspire people for the use of virtual reality (VR). To make VR "tangible" and with "hands-on" VR workshops for companies, schools and educational institutions, to convey the advantages and application possibilities of VR in a practical way and to make them tangible.

Our tasks include the innovation, development and design of tools and content that facilitates the use of virtual reality in education and training or enables it for the first time. There are many education and training courses that are very strictly standardized and therefore perfectly suited for digitization with VR. Through the use of VR, new learning content can be created, learning content that only becomes possible through the use of modern technology in the first place.

What we are looking for:

  • Software, VR, Information Technology NACE 62

V/AR fields of application:
  • Cooperation, Remote Collaboration
  • Product Development
  • Training, Education

V/AR technologies:
  • Haptics, collision detection
  • Visual Animation, VFX, CGI, Rendering, Web3D