CMC ViewR - Virtual Reality. Simply. Done.

What we offer:
CMC ViewR is a virtual reality solution for mechanical and plant engineering that enables a manufacturing company to visualize its products easily and intuitively on the basis of CAD data. For example, real prototypes can be replaced by their virtual twins and visualized and evaluated at a very early stage in the product development. The user has the possibility to interact realistically with his design and to work very efficiently and resource-saving. CMC ViewR can not only be used in product development. There are also countless advantages in the communication and sales of technical systems. CMC ViewR makes Virtual Reality easy and controllable for everyone.

What we are looking for:
Interesting contacts - sales partners, technology partners & interested parties

  • Automotive and Automotive Suppliers NACE 29
  • Consulting and Services for Engineering NACE 82
  • Electro, Electronic, Information Technology, Telecommunication NACE 11
  • Manufacture of fabricated metal products NACE 25
  • Mechanical engineering & plant construction NACE 28
  • Medical Technology NACE 266
  • Commercial vehicles and other vehicles NACE 309
  • Railway vehicle manufacturing NACE 302
  • Software, VR, Information Technology NACE 62

V/AR fields of application:
  • Design, Creation, Styling
  • Cooperation, Remote Collaboration
  • Marketing, Sales
  • Product Development
  • Service, Maintenance, Repair
  • Training, Education
  • Usability, Ergonomie

V/AR technologies:
  • Configurator (3D)
  • Converter 3D-Data
  • Virtual-Reality-Software (immersive)