What we offer:
1 Social VR for business
2 We represent foreign VR technology owners in Japan
3 We promote technology in a wide area, from architechture to tourism
4 We act as a conduit between foreign technology owers and the Japanese market, greatly facilitating market entry

What we are looking for:
1 VR related technology with market potential in Japan
2 Any product in the VR field with potential in Japan is interesting to us
3 We are looking for owners of cutting edge technology in the VR field
4 We cover any industry that benefit from social VR applications and platforms

V/AR fields of application:
  • Automation Technology Prototyping, HIL
  • Design, Creation, Styling
  • Factory Planning
  • Cooperation, Remote Collaboration
  • Training, Education
  • Usability, Ergonomie

V/AR technologies:
  • Haptic-Hardware
  • Head Mounted Displays (HMDs)
  • Locomotion Interfaces, running interfaces
  • Computer & Graphic cards
  • Scanner, Digitizer, 3D-Depth Camera
  • Tracking, Eye Tracking, Face Capture, Motion Capturing
  • Augmented-Reality (AR)-Software
  • Auralization, 3D-Acoustics-& Audio simulation
  • Haptics, collision detection
  • Converter 3D-Data
  • Virtual-Reality-Software (immersive)
  • Visual Animation, VFX, CGI, Rendering, Web3D